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Pioneer Springs


Pioneer Springs Features:

$5.00 per person per day

This is a tent & camping area only, with minor facilities

No minimum numbers – maximum 100 persons.

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Pioneer Springs is all about getting back to nature and smelling the roses – almost literally.

It’s an idyllic and peaceful environment designed purely for camping only.

Your imagination is the key in this rather special place – and you can allow yourself permission to simply enjoy.

The child that lives within us all, can simply let loose and play.

Whether it be madly cavorting on a rope swing, or simply taking a quiet stroll along a sunlit path.

It really doesn’t matter, as long as there’s a smile on their face, a prayer or their lips and a song in their heart.

Testing ones self is always challenging and an important rite of passage for many.

Simplicity is the key and fortunately Shilo Hills is not situated in a built up urban environment, which is a good thing, albeit tenuous at times.


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