What to Expect at Shiloh Hills

Shiloh Hills really is a place like no other. 

We are truly blessed by various different areas to explore - each having its own unique presence, bringing together an awe-inspiring place to be. 

Below, we have set out our different areas and what we love best about them - but don't take our word on it, come and find out for yourself!

Koala Creek

Like the name suggests, Koala Creek is the perfect spot to head down and see how many native Koalas you can spot! Only a short walk from the Accommodation, make sure to head down to see these beautiful animals. 

If you have little adventurous ones, why not try our obstacle course? Try to swing, dive, duck, climb and crawl your way along the course - without touching the ground! A fun way to spend the day, and plenty of space to have a sit-down picnic after. 

Pioneer Lake

In among the trees, not far from Koala Creek, you will come across a small lake. 

The lakeside is a great spot to chill, relax and take in the beautiful scenery 

The lake itself is surrounded by one of our walking trails, a great way to see the lake from all angles. 

Prayer Mountain

Prayer Mountain is where people go to spend time in prayer and solitude. 



Walking the Trails

We have many different walking trails available on the property. 

We have made it as easy as possible for you to get to see all that Shiloh has to offer. 

All of our walking trails are colour-coded for convenience, so if you are not very confident or a seasoned hiker, we will have a walk for you! 

We recommend that you try and do at least one of our fantastic walks while staying with us - it is an amazing way of getting to see all the South Australia has to offer.